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Grant Recipients

We are very happy to congratulate the grant recipients for 2018:

  • Yulia Chaplina - Prokofiev Weekend - Day 1: Concert at Purcell Room, Southbank Centre: Cello Sonata, Op.119, Selected miniatures for violin and piano, Visions fugitives, Op.22 
    Piano Sonata no.9, Op.103. Day 2: Master Class, Lecture Recital - Exploring Prokofiev, Sonata for violin and piano op. 94bis (1942 - 1943) Moderato, Sonata no. 4 op.28 (1917), Passpied from Cinderella Suite op. 87 (1940 - 1944) arranged for violin and piano by Fikhtengolts, Prokofiev Sonata no. 7, op. 83 (1942), Allegro inquieto — Andantino — Allegro, Sonata for 2 Violins op. 56 (1932), Sonata No. 3 op.28 (1918).

  • Christina Guillaumier - The Operas of Sergei Prokofiev - Monograph exploring the context, history, reception and music of each of the composer’s eight completed operas.

  • Rita McAllister - Sergei Prokofiev's Autograph Thematic Notebooks with extensive commentary - research trip for preparation of a book of facsimiles.

  • Vox Luna Chamber Choir - Prokofiev and the Russian Voice - Concert Tour in London and Cambridge, including selections from: Prokofiev: 5 Songs Without Words, Op. 35, 7 Songs, Op. 79, 12 Russian Folksongs, Op. 104; Rachmaninov: All-Night Vigil; Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms and Ave Maria.

  • Joselyn Freeman - From Russia with Love - a series of eight concerts in Blackheath Halls (traditional recital format) and St Laurence Church, Catford - piano recitals and singers.

  • Welsh National Opera - War and Peace

  • Elizabeth Wilson - A Biography of Maria Yudina, pianist and humanist in Stalin's Russian 

  • Peter Cigleris - Forgotten Concertos - a project to record and release four clarinet concertos by four British composers, Ms Susan Spain-Dunk, Rudolph Dolmetsch, Elizabeth Maconchy and Peter Wishart, all contemporaries with Sergei Prokofiev. 

Charity no. 1156800

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